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Schacht Cricket Heddles
Schacht Cricket Heddles
Our Price: $32.00

The heddles will allow you to weave with different weights of yarn based on reed size.

Sold individually.
Schacht Flip Flip Trap 25 inch
Schacht Flip - Flip Trap - 25 inch
Our Price: $34.00

Flip Trap is a handy holder of weaving tools. It sports two posts which easily insert into the pre-existing holes in the ends of the loom. The Flip Trap is best used when the loom is on the Trestle Stand.

In stock.
Schacht Cricket Loom Bag Bronze
Schacht Cricket - Loom Bag - Bronze
Our Price: $55.00

The Cricket Loom Bag makes your Cricket even more convenient to carry. The Cricket fits sideways into the bag with room for accessories. The outside pocket provides a place for a magazine or additional accessories. Note: The 15" Cricket fits in the bag, but extends out the top 4-5 inches.

Click on picture to see the bag shown in Bright.

Bag dimensions: 18.5" w x 14.75" h x 6.5" dPocket dimensions: 8.75" w x 11.25" h Strap length: 33"
Schacht Cricket Loom
Schacht Cricket Loom
Our Price: $169.00

The Cricket Loom is a good way to try weaving.  The Cricket is a rigid heddle loom made of high quality maple and apple plywood and hard maple and left unfinished.
Schacht Flip Trestle Stand
Schacht Flip - Trestle Stand
Our Price: $203.00

Stand fits all widths of Schacht Flip Folding Loom, discontinued non-folding rigid heddle loom, as well as both sizes of Schacht Tapestry Looms.

If you have rigid heddle or tapestry looms made prior to February 2010, then you will need inserts for the loom sides in order to install it on the new Trestle Stand.  Ask for Retro Fit Kits at our store.

Loom and Flip Trap sold separately.
Schacht Flip Loom 25 inch width (63.5 cm)
Schacht Flip Loom - 25 inch width (63.5 cm)
Our Price: $325.00

Weave in comfort. Choose three different weaving modes: use the rear leg for hooking to a table edge, clamp it to a table for stand-up weaving, or install it on Schacht's convenient trestle stand.

The Flip Loom includes an 5-, 8-, 10-, or 12-dent reed (you choose which size), warping peg, 2 shuttles, threading hook, and complete warping and weaving instructions.  Other reeds and accessories may be ordered separately.  This loom also has the ability to use 2 reeds at the same time for more complicated weaving patterns.

Shown with trestle stand - not included.  In stock.